Predator 357-SSR

The Predator SSR is a stylish and convenient center console for versatile powerboating. With its 35′ length and a perfectly matched up beam, this center console enables both the feeling of handling an offshore powerboat, and also gives the opportunity of loading up the boat for a family cruise with friends.






Predator 357-SSR is a V-Bottom with design compositions and extreme driving capabilities beyond most competitors. This includes a fine tuned tri-step hull-aeriation technology, running pad, and a notched transom. This hull design refines a thin line between running fast, taking hard turns, and running in heavy weather offshore conditions. The hydrodynamic design, have been refined once more as technology advances for this model for the 2017 and up productions.


To build a boat that can withstand the excessive force of impact it is to compete in wave beating endurance as well as speed trials on flat water, a key feature in design is the hull and deck lamination process. It all comes down to speed vs durability. After many years of testing and experience with powerboats and raceboats running in open oceans with slow motion cameras mounted in the hull, g-force measurements all over the hull, and helicopter photoshoots. Our decision on the lamination process is therefore thoroughly tested and improved over the years. The layup process consists of Vinylester resins, bi-tri-and quad directional hybrid Kevlar, carbonfibre reinforcements and high density divinycell coring.


Setup: Twin or triple installation
Engines: Any Mercury or Mercury Racing.  400/450R
Trimtabs: Mercury Racing K-planes
Steering system: Imco Marine steering system
Propellers: Mercury Racing, Hering

Technical Specifications

Technical details

  • Total length 11,18m (37 feet)
  • Total beam 2,65m (8,8 feet)
  • Draft 0,9m (3 feet)
  • Weight 4300kg (9.500lbs)
  • Design Category C
  • Fuel tank 1000 liter
  • Fresh water tank 40 liter
  • Sleeping Accommodations 2
  • Passengers 10
  • Gasoline engine twin or triple installation mercury racing
  • Top Speed 70mph to 100+ mph
  • Trimtabs Mercury Racing K-planes
  • Trim/Balast Tank 300 liter
  • Propellers Mercury / Herning
  • Graphics Custom Paint  Stage 1-3
  • Custom painted and lighted engine room
  • DrivesMercury Racing M8
  • StereoStage 1- 3 marine JL Audio marine stereo / Fusion
  • Chartplotter & Electronics Raymarine
  • CE Certified


  • Septic tank
  • Quick flush system for freshwater flushing of the engines
  • Hardin Marine Stainless sea strainers w/crossovers
  • XL fuel filter/water separators
  • Freshwater system
  • Toilet/wc
  • Exhaust muffler kit
  • Pull up Cleats
  • Pop-up fender cleats
  • Pop-up fuel fill
  • Staninless steel upgrades
  • Imco dual helm fully hydraulic steering system