Predator 337-SS

The Predator Super Sport is a stylish and convenient center console for versatile powerboating. With its 35' length and a perfectly matched up beam, this center console enables both the feeling of handling an offshore powerboat, and also gives the opportunity of loading up the boat for a family cruise with friends.
Predator 337 Super Sport still offers, our efficient hull design, tough built construction, heavy duty race-style rigging, and the same level of detail, luxury and craftsmanship that is expected from Predator Boats. The result is a Hi-performance Center Console.
We can customize the Predators to suit you, you decide and we build.
We at Predator can be helpful regarding shipping/transport etc.


Predator 337-R is a V-Bottom with design compositions and extreme driving capabilities beyond most competitors. This includes a fine tuned tri-step hull-aeriation technology, running pad, and a notched transom. This hull design refines a thin line between running fast, taking hard turns, and running in heavy weather offshore conditions. The hydrodynamic design, have been refined once more as technology advances for this model for the 2017 and up productions.