Predator 337-R

The 337-R have been used for pleasureboating as well as poker-runs and offshore races. The tough built construction, heavy duty race-style rigging, and the same level of detail, luxury and craftsmanship that is expected from Predator Luxury Performance Boats. What you get here is a 35 feet v-bottom that outperforms even bigger boats than itself both on the racecourse and in the exceptional line of details.



Predator 337-R is a V-Bottom with design compositions and extreme driving capabilities beyond most competitors. This includes a fine tuned tri-step hull-aeriation technology, running pad, and a notched transom. This hull design refines a thin line between running fast, taking hard turns, and running in heavy weather offshore conditions. The hydrodynamic design, have been refined once more as technology advances for this model for the 2017 and up productions.


To build a boat that can withstand the excessive force of impact it is to compete in wave beating endurance as well as speed trials on flat water, a key feature in design is the hull and deck lamination process. It all comes down to speed vs durability. After many years of testing and experience with powerboats and raceboats running in open oceans with slow motion cameras mounted in the hull, g-force measurements all over the hull, and helicopter photoshoots. Our decision on the lamination process is therefore thoroughly tested and improved over the years. The layup process consists of Vinylester resins, bi-tri-and quad directional hybrid Kevlar, carbonfibre reinforcements and high density divinycell coring.